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Hibernating Mac

Getting my Mac into proper hibernation

When putting my Mac into sleep sometimes it wakes up again and drains the battery while I’m away.
To be able to trust that my battery will be fine when going for lunch I developed a simple AppleScript to put my Mac into proper hibernation.

Click to view as PDF

Click to view as PDF

As usual I use Quicksilver to execute this script. It works like a charm.
Only drawback is the need to enter the password every time. Suggestions on this is appreciated.

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Airfoil automation script

Playing audio in the living room with no fuss

I have an old iPhone connected to my home stereo. On this I have installed Airfoil speakers to be able to stream sound to my stereo wirelessly from anywhere in the apartment.

It is quite the nuisance to open Airfoil, select the program, select the living room speakers and if playing video making sure its sound is being output 2 seconds in advance to achieve audio sync.
Wouldn’t it be nice to just launch a script that does everything for you? It would need to be flexible to account for all different applications I might want to connect.
I decided to make a backbone library with common functions and then add a front end script for each application that might want to connect. Continue reading

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